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Published on 29 March 2018 by Rappuoli RentHouse

Maggiolata Lucignanese (Lucignano-AR) is the country’s flower festival, the tribute of a community to the arrival of spring. In the perfect harmony of the sounds and colors of the party, every year a collective ritual is celebrated, full of magical atmospheres, of continuous surprises.
La Maggiolata is therefore a popular festival that takes place every year on the last two Sundays of May in a marvelous, unique setting: the medieval, elliptical village of Lucignano.
A special occasion to know and appreciate the beauty of the place, a land of enchantments and magical atmospheres and at the same time to witness an event of rare beauty.
On the days of the festival the streets of the village, the narrow and characteristic alleys, the balconies and arches that make this place one of the most appreciated places in Italy are all covered with floral arrangements, among which the intense yellow of the brooms stands out, here commonly called “May”.
And the party, in its wise unfolding, has very precise connotations, in which the dominant role is exercised by the strong appeal to celebratory aspects of the collective memory of Lucignano: the parade of allegorical floats, completely flowered, with the participation of musical bands and folk groups, coming from every part of Italy and also from abroad, which runs through the entire ring of the streets of the village; the historical procession that precedes and announces the beginning of the festival; the same division of the municipal territory into districts that joyfully contest the prize for the creation of the most beautiful wagon; the presence of many flowers, not only on the carts of the four districts, but also on the streets, or on the balconies and doors, in a striking chromatic play.
In fact, in the silences of the stones of the old houses and the shadows of the various religious and civil buildings of Lucignano, just interrupted by the pressing rhythm of Maggiolata, you can grasp the message of a party that lives every year at the end of May intensely its millennial time. And in this place of ancient civilization it is perhaps possible to grasp the secret breath of a secular event that makes this territory of ours a privileged place to smile and hope a little more in a dream of life, in a magic discovered and rediscovered, without too much shame and retrosies …
And for those who appreciate the pleasures of the best Tuscan and Chianina cuisine, know that every night for at least a dozen days (and on the two Sundays of the party for lunch) works a renowned food stand with local specialties simply fabulous, not to be missed .
For info ticket, you can find more info on the town of Lucignano visiting the websites and

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